Hi, I’m Nick Ketaner, the Anxious Dad!

Thanks for visiting my site! I was an avid writer growing up and managed to sort through my angsty teenage years with the help of a pen and paper. While typing just doesn’t feel the same as writing in a notebook, I wanted a platform to share my experience with the world, or more likely, just some family and friends.

I was raised in Spring, Texas before moving to South Carolina to attend Clemson University. Go Tigers! I currently live in Columbia, South Carolina and work in higher education.

My wife and I are excited to welcome our little bundle of joy in April! Our two dogs, Lilly and Sammy, may be less thrilled to have a new roommate in the spring, but time will tell. I’ve always wanted to be a dad, and I can’t wait to meet our tiny human.

Oh, yeah! I also live with anxiety and all of its friends: intrusive thoughts, depressive episodes, lack of sleep, and restlessness to name a few. While I can be a very happy person, anxiety does know how to take a hold of my life at any given moment. My hope is to use this blog as an outlet and coping strategy so that I can be the best dad I can be!

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